Junior Entrepreneur 2011

The pupils of 5th & 6th class are taking part in this years Junior Entrepreneur Project.  The project involves all aspects of business like coming up with product ideas,  research, talking with an established entrepreneur about how a business is set up and how to market and sell the product.  Next up the pupils put their products before a “Dragons Den”  made up of some school staff.  The class then ran a “no uniform day” to raise capital funding to pay for raw materials and began manufacturing their chosen product which was hand woven bracelets and car accessories/decorations.  The end products were then sold throughout the school and in some of the local shops.  Very soon the group were showing a profit.

On April 12th our Entrepreneurs showcased their products in the school hall at a specially organised event. This was attended by all the school pupils, staff, parents, Fr. Leane and the Junior Entrepreneur judges.  The Entrepreneur team would like to express their gratitude to all the parents who helped out with the cake sale on the day and in particular the members of the parents committee who were of immense help organising the day.

The whole project was a great experience for the pupils involved, giving them a hands on look at the world of business, the various challenges and  pitfalls and how to overcome these problems by working together as a team. Pictures in Gallery.